3 tips to prep for video job interviews

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I do a lot of video interviews and meetings. I’m the CEO of Fizzmint, an employee task administration and compliance management tech startup here in Seattle, and many of our team are remote. I’ve conducted about 300 video interviews at this point, and I’d like to share my three best tips for preparing to do […]

The care and feeding of successful crowdfunding backers

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I have run several successful Kickstarters, and this list applies to all crowdfunding campaigns after they’ve succeeded and before you’ve fulfilled the rewards. LadyCoders 2012 Volney’s Ruins 2014 Women In Tech: The Book I have completely fulfilled the rewards for the LadyCoders Kickstarter, but the other two are still in process. It’s tough to think […]

Completely remove CrashPlan from your Mac


Have you tried to delete CrashPlan from your Applications folder and gotten the message that the “CrashPlan app is locked” in a popup? Here’s the solution: Shut down the CrashPlan app in the system tray. You may need to elevate permissions or use ‘sudo’ to perform some of these commands. Open a Terminal window. You […]

Tell your Women In Tech story in our Medium channel!


I had a stunning number of women volunteer to write chapters for Women In Tech, the book we just kickstarted. I think somewhere around 150 women volunteered at last count, and I keep getting emails! I was honored and thrilled that so many women wanted me to help them tell their story, and I’m so proud […]

From Engineer To Executive


I recently did the keynote talk for the Puget Sound Python users group, and while it wasn’t filmed, I had a couple of requests that I post the material somewhere. Here you go! Going from an engineer to someone who can manage people and execute on the company vision takes a commitment to changing yourself, […]

Captain Picard, Enterprise CEO


I enjoyed analyzing Captain Janeway’s style of leadership as compared to a startup CEO in the first part of a three-part essay on Star Trek captains and leadership. In the second part, I get to tackle my favorite captain of them all: Jean-Luc Picard. I’ll be talking about how Picard’s style of management is ideal […]

Kathryn Janeway, Startup CEO


Reposted from an edited version at WeWork Magazine. A couple of weeks ago, WeWork Magazine interviewed me for a Spotlight article about me. One of my answers about which Star Trek captain I thought my management style most closely reflected betrayed how seriously I take Star Trek. So, they’ve asked me to expand on my […]

Benedict Cumberbatch Lied To Me And Broke My Heart


Ever wondered how Frankenstein’s Creature learned to speak? He listened to an impoverished professor reading aloud and explaining one of the greatest books of the Enlightenment. Those of you who recently saw the brilliant Frankenstein/Creature role swap done by Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller by the National Theater will remember that De Lacey used […]

Manage your time like a boss


I saw an executive coach this last year for a few sessions on time management…or so I thought. I asked him for help managing my stress and time, and he said “Is that really what you’re here for? To manage your stress? That sounds like a depressing personal goal to me.” He was right. I […]

Transitioning To Tech: Sept 15-18 Live 4-Night Seminar For Underemployed


Are you stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill you or looking for work? I’m teaching a 4 night seminar on how to transition into technology as a career field. I know how to help you get jobs as web testers, quality assurance testers, and more. We’ll be meeting from 7-9PM September 15-18th at St […]